Shrimps Matter

Play a game while exploring the interconnectedness of the ocean

The project

Game designers Tabatha Soltay from Tab Talks and JP Veilleux wanted to create a beautiful game that helped teach people about the interconnectedness of our oceans. What they designed, and we brought to life with beautiful visuals, is the complex vision of how difficult it is to balance being environmentally responsible with being economically prosperous.

The game was designed as part of Ottawa Wavemakers in association with Hub Ottawa and WWF Canada. We were responsible for everything visual, from the logo to how to simplify concepts using visuals (colour, layout and a common visual language), as well as preparing assets for print. We also had fun making the supporting website! It was launched in December 2015, and is now available for purchase or to use as an open-source game (print and play).

Our role

  • Logo design
  • Visual game design
  • Box and game piece design
  • French and English versions
  • Instruction book design
  • Open-source game creation
  • Web design
  • Responsive build

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